Happy Holidays!

16 12 2008

So, what are your plans over the holiday break?

  • Resting after all those final exams?
  • Seeing family and friends?
  • Enjoying delicious home cooked meals?

Tell us what your winter break plans are  by commenting below!


Fordham Friendly

16 12 2008

USG has been hard at work editing our Fordham Friendly database for you …  Check out the revised list of Fordham Friendly stores in the Fordham/Arthur Avenue area! usg_fordhamfriendly

Don’t be Left Out…

10 12 2008

Have you claimed your Access IT ID? The new Fordham portal has launched and you can sign up by going to my.fordham.edu! The new portal has lots of customizable information for you to view, the Oasis application as well as other features. Over the coming months, other Fordham applications will be added to the portal. The portal will eventually be an all-in-one-stop for Fordham online applications (even Blackboard)! One password for all these programs … how nice is that?

You MUST claim your Access IT ID because registering for classes next semester will only be done through the portal. Don’t miss out on registering for classes – sign up today at my.fordham.edu!

The Week in Review

6 12 2008

What event or program did you attend this week?

Let’s review the week at RH!

Topic of the Week: Fordham Week

6 12 2008

Fordham Week! USG, in conjunction with many other Rose Hill clubs, will be hosting the Annual Fordham Week next year! The week will start March 30, 2009.  Fordham Week is a week dedicated to campus programming. All clubs are invited to participate and all students are encouraged to attend!

USG spearheads the planning of the week but many other clubs are involved. The purpose of the week is to develop school spirit and embrace the great programming we have on campus.

  • What are your ideas for programs?
  • What do you want Fordham Week to consist of?

Please tell us your thoughts!

Point of Info: Oasis Closing at 10pm

2 12 2008

Many of you have expressed your dissatisfaction with Oasis closing at 10pm each night. As you may know, my.fordham.edu is the brand new portal that recently launched live for students use. This portal will be an all-in-1 way to access wireless, Fordham e-mail, Oasis as well as other Fordham online applications. With this portal, Oasis’ class information will no longer close at 10pm. During the 2009 school year the entire Oasis system will be revamped and will be open 24/7.

Did you know that registration for classes next semester will be done through my.fordham.edu?  Have you claimed your AccessID yet? Go to my.fordham.edu and sign up for the brand-new student portal. Without it, you cannot register for classes next semester!

Welcome Back!

2 12 2008

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

What are some Topic of the Week ideas you would like to see in the future? We have been reading your comments; thank you for engaging in this online community! Let us know what issues are most important to you.